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Armories and Arsenals

This poetry collection of 2021 is dedicated towards mental health and trauma, based on the experiences of the writer himself.

Book Description

Could you have reconciled with your own chaos, knowing that the world around you lives in glee? When you approach the arena dominated by the imprecation of your tumult, the crowd will jeer your competence. In this suffocating skirmish, would you let the sinister scorpions eradicate your glistening glee? In a world where we are so aware of the explicit, it is indeed an excruciating exercise to gain wisdom of the implied. Such stands the nature of our mental health. One is often afraid to announce their mental health, and the reasons behind that vary. No literary work could do justice to the excavation of the reasons behind their frailness, hence this collection strives to engage and allow one to reflect upon how they find themselves through the poetry instilled within. A witnessing of pain was indeed a harnessing of bloodshed. Flaunt your armoury, for the arsenal within is admirable.

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