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Every moment we pass continues to perplex me; leaving me with a face so absurdly confused, it makes one for the cameras to capture, and glorify the misfit within. Think about the last leaf you saw fall, or maybe even the last dog which walked by you. Now imagine the day without that moment. You can't.


Each moment is like a loose thread, being sewn and intertwined by the needles of observations. Until you observe the moment, the thread remains loose.


Fäden, as a collection, explores the poet's observations, experiences and thoughts encountered on his hunt to kill each moment of time. Is it enough to simply savor the moment? Should we look to kill moments in order to revive the dead artist within?


Through narrative poems the reader is urged to converse with the poetry, perhaps, in a parallel live it by them. Stories shouldn't be a massacre to a scramble of words, and poetry shouldn't just survive today. Sew your threads, weave out the narration and embrace the warmth of the comfort created.

A Misspelled Portrait
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A Misspelled Portrait is a collection of acrostic poems, tackling themes ranging from war to pop-culture. It aims to alleviate the recognition towards acrostic poetry, and shed new light on how it can be perceived.


With regards to the common perception of acrostic poetry being centralised around limericks for children, a greater delving into its craft has been ignored.


Thus, this manuscript comprises around 100 acrostic poems, experimenting with varying literary techniques within.


Be it challenging a perspective around Reichenbach Falls in Sherlock Holmes or talking about the Nanjing Massacre; the manuscript has highlighted these themes under it’s umbrella being acrostic.


One of the few poetry-collections to be solely immersed in acrostic poems, especially one of those tackling a wide range of themes, by intertwining the reader’s thought’s with the collection’s message, A Misspelled Portrait aims to project a portrait of the elegance of acrostics and the significance of the themes in the reader’s mind.


Nature by definition is the phenomena of the physical world. Yet, we stand abusive, irrational and compulsive towards its devastation.


How would one react if they couldn’t breathe the sanctity of life tomorrow? A filler to our ill fate, a statement to our monstrous greed.

Home is an ode to nature; concerned about how it is being continuously degraded, it attempts to provoke questions within your mind, and assist in protecting it.

There is no substitute for nature. She is the provider of life. She established our home. She helps us live. Perhaps an attempt to reconnect with the Romantic era too, Home serves as a medium for you to reflect on your actions and their consequences on nature.

Sow a seed of solution, and watch prosperity bloom.

Armories and Arsenals
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Could you have reconciled with your own chaos, knowing that the world around you lives in glee? When you approach the arena dominated by the imprecation of your tumult, the crowd will jeer your competence. In this suffocating skirmish, would you let the sinister scorpions eradicate your glistening glee? In a world where we are so aware of the explicit, it is indeed an excruciating exercise to gain wisdom of the implied. Such stands the nature of our mental health. One is often afraid to announce their mental health, and the reasons behind that vary. No literary work could do justice to the excavation of the reasons behind their frailness, hence this collection strives to engage and allow one to reflect upon how they find themselves through the poetry instilled within. A witnessing of pain was indeed a harnessing of bloodshed. Flaunt your armoury, for the arsenal within is admirable.

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Are we the authors of our own journey? Or engineers of another’s? Destiny aims to answer that very question. We progress unknowing of the third party’s history and sufferings, not knowing how our actions turn their tables, too instilled in our own. While we search for justifications to pacify our vile thoughts, the figures in the opposite lane incur the harm. One cannot grasp their destiny. Does it stand pre-inscribed? The answers stand distant, laughing hysterically. 


Identify the aspects of your destiny which taint another’s. Are you worthy of controlling the havoc you wreak unknowingly? Does your existence impact their destiny for the better? Shall we alter our perception to perceive change? Question your destiny. For no questions lead us to no answers. And when the world is desperate for answers, no one dares to question. Surely it is your life, but is it only your journey?


In a world where we are plagued by struggle, indifference and the cruelty of humanity, we need empathy to evolve. We need instant action to ensure that the plague does not evolve. No matter how hard it may be, we as a collective group shall combat these concerns at hand and be resilient and prepared for what may come. This poetry compilation is a mere attempt to highlight some of those plagues which have affected me personally. Perhaps, they have affected you as well. If we are successful in highlighting and identifying the ones who are attacked by these plagues and the culprits responsible, we will be able to combat it with relatively greater ease. Hopefully, this book succeeds in providing insights to you and ensures that action will be taken and these issues will be resolved.

Essential Commodities
Armories and Arsenals

©2022 by Devarya Singhania

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