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One of his earliest poetry collections, pondering the idea of fate and how one often interlocks themselves with uncertainty as they attempt to make any decision.

Book Description

Are we the authors of our own journey? Or engineers of another’s? Destiny aims to answer that very question. We progress unknowing of the third party’s history and sufferings, not knowing how our actions turn their tables, too instilled in our own. While we search for justifications to pacify our vile thoughts, the figures in the opposite lane incur the harm. One cannot grasp their destiny. Does it stand pre-inscribed? The answers stand distant, laughing hysterically.  Identify the aspects of your destiny which taint another’s. Are you worthy of controlling the havoc you wreak unknowingly? Does your existence impact their destiny for the better? Shall we alter our perception to perceive change? Question your destiny. For no questions lead us to no answers. And when the world is desperate for answers, no one dares to question. Surely it is your life, but is it only your journey?

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