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Articles geared towards film and popular culture.

Why We Love "Love Actually"

Picture Credits: Country Living Magazine

About: The article delves into the idea of being a "hopeless romantic" and how holiday love movies, such as the classic film "Love Actually," can provide a sense of comfort and joy to those who resonate with this sentiment. The author argues that hopeless romantics are often misunderstood and judged for their desire for grand, sweeping gestures of love and their belief in soulmates and true love. Despite this, the author notes that watching holiday love movies can provide a space for hopeless romantics to indulge in their fantasies and feel understood.


Gone is the Glamour of the Golden Globes

Picture Credits: People Magazine

About: The article discusses the dwindling significance of award shows and the potential consequences of this trend, with a particular emphasis on the 2023 Golden GlobesThe author notes that the 2023 Golden Globes, in particular, are facing significant challenges, with many top actors and filmmakers boycotting the event due to allegations of corruption and lack of diversity among the awarding body. This, the author suggests, could further erode the influence and relevance of the Golden Globes and award shows more broadly.


Size Doesn't Matter

About: The article humorously dismisses the commonly held notion that "size doesn't matter" and argues that, in some contexts, it absolutely does. The author uses the example of a hypothetical showdown between James Bond and Austin Powers to illustrate this point. Despite the fact that Austin Powers is portrayed as a bumbling, comedic character and Bond as a suave and skilled spy, the author suggests that Powers' larger-than-life personality and outlandish gadgets might actually give him the upper hand in a fight against Bond. The author pokes fun at the idea that personality and wit can overcome physical limitations, arguing that, in reality, size and strength often play a significant role in determining outcomes.

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