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The Strand

Poem on body-image issues, and a humour article.

Poem - bittersweet candies

Illustration Credits: Jennifer Fong Li 

About: The poem explores dealing with body-image issues growing up, stemming from being the recipient of abuses and hurled comments degrading one's body and looks - deeming it nearly impossible to accept one as being worthy of love and never learning how to care for oneself.


Satire: The anti-pasta antipasto

Illustration Credits: Chelsey Wang 

About: The article in a tone of sarcasm expresses the idea of not terming 'spaghetti' and 'lasagne' as pasta, since their physical forms appears differently than the other forms such as penne or fusilli and deeming 'pasta' itself to be a vague creation, one which is better expressed as only a 'social construct'.

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