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Articles focussing on nostalgia, forms of love and the self.

Thoroughly Enjoy Reading It

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About: The article explores the emotional impact of rejection on writers, and how it can affect their self-esteem and their relationship with their craft. The article acknowledges that rejection can be so devastating that it may cause writers to hate their own writing, or even give up on their craft altogether. It includes personal reflections and analysed insights regarding the author's experiences with rejections too, infusing the looming insecurity within this article as well.


Wooing a Worrying Woe

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About: The article addresses the challenges that hopeless romantics face in their pursuit of romantic love, particularly when they have body image issues that prevent them from fully loving themselves. The article notes that body image issues can lead to feelings of inadequacy and low self-worth, making it difficult to believe that one is worthy of love and affection. This can create a self-fulfilling cycle, where the belief that one is unlovable prevents them from pursuing love, which reinforces their negative beliefs. 


Childhood Is Now a Sour Company

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About: The article addresses the challenges of growing up in a different city alone as a teenager in a boarding school, and how the unexpected loss of a beloved candy shop owner can exacerbate feelings of loneliness and a yearning for childhood as the candy shop owner was an important figure in their childhood, providing a sense of nostalgia and comfort that was difficult to find in their new surroundings. Portrayed in a manner, such that the reader allows themselves to understand that growing up itself is a process which requires the forgetting of a comfortable childhood, and instead needs them to enter the gloomy, gritty realities of adulthood in a blunt manner.


Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

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About: The article explores how break-up songs can be a source of comfort for those experiencing heartbreak. The author shares their personal experience of listening to break-up songs and how they allow for a translation of the overwhelming grief they were feeling. The article highlights the cathartic nature of music and how it can provide a sense of validation and healing during difficult times. The author also suggests that break-up songs can serve as a reminder that others have experienced similar pain and have overcome it, giving hope to those going through a breakup.

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