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about me

My name is Devarya Singhania. I am a student of English Literature based in Toronto, with interests in War Poetry, Indian Fiction and Romantic Literature. 

My essays can be found here. My written work stems from my intrigue in examining the preconceived notions around and within literature, and how they compare to contemporary writing. I have written for a few magazines and newspapers such as The Strand, Trinity Times and The Mike. My poems have been featured in the UC Review and the Cyril and Methodius Review.

I am currently working as a
Senior Editor for The Spectatorial and the Cyril and Methodius Review; and as an Associate Editor for the MNERVA Literary Journal, the Goose Journal of Short Fiction and The Trinity Review. I'm also a Blog Correspondent for Acta Victoriana.

Apart from writing and editing, I work as an
In-Game Promotions Assistant for the Varsity Blues.

IMG_2585 2.heic

Outside literature, I often occupy my time with photography. My portfolio can be found here. I also have a sports-specific portfolio; however, I will not be publishing it publicly and will limit that to professional use.

I'm also a photographer for the sports department in the Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education at the University of Toronto.

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